Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

This scarf, measuring 44×44 inches was painted in January of 2004 and it still has the same vibrancy as it did when I finished. My mother came to Costa Rica in November of 2003 for Thanksgiving. We took adventures in our 1945 Willy’s jeep around the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano very near my home in Guanacaste Costa Rica.

My favorite months here in my part of Costa Rica are May (the beginning of the rainy season) and November (the end of the rainy season). Everything is green and different flowers are blooming, but yet it isn’t too too rainy. I love to be out in my property in November, there are so many rainbows and dragon flies… Anyway, during the time my mother was here for Thanksgiving, we saw all kinds of flowers. Shortly thereafter, planning her trip to spend 6 months in Asia, she asked me to create a silk for her with the flowers she saw during her Thanksgiving visit.

I told her I would have it for her in January by the time she left on her trip. My beloved father passed away here in Costa Rica shortly thereafter … My mother said that if I was not up to doing the silk for her, that she would understand.. but I wanted to do the silk. Since I created this silk, “Thanksgiving in Costa Rica” I firmly believe that when one is in mourning, one of the most healthy and therapeutic things to do is create… paint, cook, sew, plant, write. All the love for my father, all the love he felt for Costa Rica is in this silk. My mother loves this silk and cherishes it as well. This scarf is special to me, to all of us, but I can honestly say that my heart goes into every silk I paint. Silk painting makes me happy.