Radio Dos 99.5 FM Costa Rica – Dancing to the music!

  • Posted on February 13, 2011
Radio Dos 99.5 FM Costa Rica – Dancing to the music!

I have been asked by several people to write on my blog about a funny experience I had a few months ago.  It was November, the boys off at school, Matias, my caretaker off working on the other side of the property and I was in my studio. I was happily painting turquoise geckos on a wall hanging.  As I always do, I had the music blaring and I literally was dancing around the table as I worked… singing loudly to the music, wiggling my hips and the whole thing.  If I remember correctly, the song “Another one Bites the Dust” was on!  Imagine.  I glanced out the window to see three people I did not know outside the window, watching me and smiling.  I didn’t know where to hide! I was caught.

They had turned left from the highway on a “dirt road” and ended up on my farm.  There are a lot of dirt roads and they were lost.  I couldn’t have been more embarrassed,  but I did get a silk order from them.

I always listen to Radio Dos (99.5FM or which is a radio station here in Costa Rica playing music in English from “my era” as well as current music.  I rock out to Elvis, the Beatles, Foreigner, Bozz Scaggs, James Taylor, Beach Boys, Chicago… oh, I could go on. I also always have the station on when doing housework and can be seen dancing with my broom and dustpan.

I have often considered painting in the nude because I get so hot in the studio, but I will have to rethink that idea, now won’t I?

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  1. Lol – that’s funny!

  2. TOO CUTE!!! Your studio looks like one could get lost in creating there!
    You GO GIRL!!!

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