Costa Rica Silks in the newspaper !

  • Posted on June 18, 2012
Costa Rica Silks in the newspaper !

The Tico Times is the oldest English newspaper in Central America and comes from Costa Rica. There is always a little bit about almost everything going on in Costa Rica and the world, with a Sports section, News, Arts & Leisure, Letters, classifieds, etc. Pretty much a complete newspaper which comes out every Friday.

Not too long ago, I received an email from a writer from the Tico Times wondering if I would be willing to let her do an article about my silks, and of course, I said yes!

Soon thereafter I received a visit from a Tico Times photographer, Gabe Dinsmoor, a wonderful photographer from Baltimore, doing an internship in Costa Rica. Photogenic I am not, but I enjoyed the session and conversing with this up and coming photographer.

I had no idea when the article was coming out, and was surprised to see it on my Facebook page ! I receive updates from the Tico Times, so there I was.

The article is available online:

….as well as in printed form. (I must frame one for my studio).

Jessica Tyner, an Oregonian, living in Costa Rica and writing for the Tico Times, is a talented writer and I thank her for her attention and wonderful words.

After the printed copy made it to the stands in the grocery store, I was stopped and greeted by a group of North American tourists, each one with a copy of the Tico Times in hand, having recognized me from the article. Now, that was a great way to start my day !

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