Guanacaste“Costa Rica Silks” are original one of a kind silk paintings inspired by the country’s diverse tropical and lush wildlife and scenery. Plain white silks become vibrant and exciting scenes and colors depicting this gorgeous paradise.

Your Costa Rica silk is wearable art as wraps and scarves and can be wonderful additions to your decor as wall hangings or drapes for your furnishings. The flowers, plants, animals and other creatures will keep you company and will be an exquisite addition to your wardrobe and home.

Our silks are hand washable or may be dry cleaned. After wearing one of our silks to the beach or pool (they look divine with a bathing suit, on a hat or to cover your shoulders from the sun!) rinse your silk of any salt or chlorinated water to keep the colors vibrant.

There is no better way to remember a visit to Costa Rica or to make you feel as you are on a permanent tropical vacation than owning an original Costa Rica silk!

Meet The Artist

wendy-taylerI moved to Costa Rica 20 years ago and have been fortunate to raise my five children on a small farm in the northern province of Guanacaste where the exotic tropical plants and animals  are part of our daily lives.  Though I have never had any formal art training, I have spent many years drawing and creating.

I was introduced to silk painting by a temporary resident of Costa Rica who generously left me her supplies when she moved away.  I fell in love with the challenge of making the silks come alive, mixing the colors and watching the colors spread across the fabric. I love to experiment and try new methods; it is always a new adventure, just as living in Costa Rica has been for me!


Every silk is one of a kind, no two are the same, but if you are interested in several very similar silks for your family, I would love to create them for you. If you wish to purchase a silk with a specific theme or scene in nature, please do not hesitate to contact me  and I will be more than happy to work with you.